Blessed by the Dogs

by Eliisa Erävalo & Bahar Temiz

by Eliisa Erävalo and Bahar Temiz


Eliisa and Bahar met in Vienna where they were both danceWEB- scholars during summer 2012. In 2013, they got together with other dancewebbers in Hamburg (K3) in a self-organized residency. Eliisa and Bahar have spent two weeks working in Salt Galata.

Eliisa Erävalo works as a performer and choreographer with a base in Stockholm. She studied dance and choreography at the University of Dance in Stockholm and at Helsinki Theatre Academy. Eliisa’s current projects are focused on support structures and spiritual practices. In her work she is often studying the idea of narrative and confabulation. She’s also interested in choreography as a way of practicing social utopian models.

Born in Istanbul, Bahar Temiz studied philosophy at the Université de Paris IV-la Sorbonne, followed by studies in dance in Arnhem and choreography in Centre National de Montpellier. She worked as a performer with Superamas, Ivana Müller and others. She is currently making her own work and writing her master’s thesis in dance at the Université de Paris VIII-Saint-Seine-Denis.

Presentation: August 29, 2014 in Salt Galata, Floor 4

(work in progress)

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