The movement material for Bahar Temiz’s performance 1+ emerged from the work for a group work. In the form of a solo and dealing with her own (dancer’s) body, she now dedicates herself to the resonances of the absent performers and the question of how the space as well as the movement material of the other can be made visible in their absence and simultaneity.

concept and performance Bahar Temiz music Burak Irmak in collaboration with Hai-Wen Hsu, David Marques, Dina Khuseyn, Emmanuelle Santos, Vilma Pitrinaite thanks to Sandra Noeth, Noémie Solomon, Maria Hassabi, Cosmin Manolescu


27/04/2011 – Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna, AT 

04/08/2011 – YTÜ, Istanbul, TR

20/04/2012 – Huis a/d Werf, Springdance Festival, Utrecht, NL 

10/12/2012 – Volksroom Open Monday, Brussels, BE 

20/09/2013 – L’Institut Français, Istanbul, TR

21/09/2013 – L’Institut Français, Istanbul, TR

20/11/2014 – Studio Loca, Istanbul, TR


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