Song for the end

Song for the end started as a research on sound. Münibe Millet and Bahar Temiz got inspired by the notions of glory, the healing effects of sound, and the vibration of bodies in earth and space. In the latest research on the universe, dark matter, which is invisible but whose existence can be proven, has been discovered. The three performers reveal the relationship human establishes with scientific reality by playing a dark game, drawing the science fictional sketch of the apocalyptic age. Light, sound and decor; it is set up to represent any internal or external space. Song for the end is a lament for the ecological and existential dilemmas we live in, a celebration for the survivors, a guide to death, a lullaby.

concept and choreography  Münibe Millet & Bahar Temiz sound design Erentuğ Turan performance Münibe Millet, Bahar Temiz, Erentuğ Turan texts A Song on the End of the World by Czeslaw Milosz thanks to Mesut Arslan, Ekmel Ertan, Muhteşem Akif Korkmaz, Çetin Sarıkartal photography Uğur Şeker


26/12/2014 – Genç Koreograflar, Zorlu PSM Fuaye, Istanbul, TR

26/04/2015 – Sanatta Görünürlük Festivali, MSGSÜ Bomonti, Istanbul, TR

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